Narragansett Running Association Scholarships

The Narragansett Running Association, a local non-profit committed to supporting the health and wellness of student athletes involved with running activities, is awarding one time $500 scholarships to two seniors at Narragansett HS and 2 seniors at South Kingstown HS planning to further their education in a technical program or in a 2 or 4 year college program.

These scholarships are for students who participated in either Cross Country, Indoor Track or Outdoor Track during their junior or senior years.

Applications are available for download below, or in the school Guidance office, and are due to the Guidance Office by May 11, 2018. 


2018 Club Race Series

First race of the 2018 Club Race Series is Saturday, 1/27 – the Charlestown Chili 5K, at 1pm, Ninigret Park.

Details of the 2018 series can be found here. There are a few new races, and a few changes this year. Final details can be negotiated at the Super 7K reunion race at the Willows after the race.

The scoring system is similar, but has been changed in a way that increases the reward for participating in low-turnout races.

The best 8 races count, instead of best 6.

There is an exciting new 66-Minute Beach run in October. 

See you on the roads! 

Club Race Series, Winter Party, Club Meeting

Congratulations to Lynn McNamara and Peter Barbera for winning their divisions in the 2017 Club Race Series!  

2018 Narragansett Running Association Club Series full schedule will be available soon.

The first race in the 2018 series is the Charlestown Chili 5K on January 27. 

Our annual Winter Party will be held this Saturday, January 13 at 6pm at Wickford Yacht Club. John Brindamour has graciously agreed to cook a fabulous meal for us again, so food will be provided, but the event is BYOB. If you’re able to make a small donation to help offset the party costs, we’ll have a donation box set up at the party. Contributions of any amount are appreciated, but not required. Be sure to send Mike Tammaro ( an old photo for the photo contest. And there will be a big TV tuned to the Patriots game, for those of you who don’t want to miss it.

We will hold a Club Meeting Sunday, January 21 at 9:30am at Bagelz in Wakefield. We’ll discuss opportunities for people to get involved with both the club and the Gansett Half Marathon race committee, so please come out and ask questions and get more information on how you can be a more active participant in the Narragansett Running Association and all that we do for the community.


Narragansett Running Association Scholarships

The Narragansett Running Association is awarding one-time $500 scholarships to two seniors at NHS and two seniors at SKHS planning to further their education in a technical program or in a 2 or 4 year college program.

These scholarships are for students who participated in either Cross Country, Indoor Track or Outdoor Track during their junior or senior years. Applications are available to download here – NarrRunningAssocScholarship or in the school’s Guidance office. 

Applicants must be a graduating senior at Narragansett High School or South Kingstown High School, who has participated in either Cross Country, Indoor Track or Outdoor Track during their junior or senior years. Preference will be given to athletes who participated more often in these sports.

Completed applications are due to the Guidance office by May 5, 2017.


Staying In Touch

Consider this a refresher if you’re already familiar with the various ways members of the group communicate with one another. 
If you’re new to the group, this is a rundown of how we stay in touch:  
The primary way we communicate is via the yahoo groups listserv – details on how that works are listed below. That is definitely the first place to check if you’re looking for information on group runs or other club events. 
We also have a Facebook page – – which is another great place to post pictures and other club news. It’s a public group, but you do have to request to join in order to post and comment (just click the link to Join and I’ll approve your request). We love to see group photos from training runs and/or races, and hear about what club members are up to, so please feel free to post there if you have something running- or club-related to share. You’re welcome to post group runs on there, too, but since the email list is typically the vehicle for organizing group runs, be sure to use that as well, since not all members are on Facebook. 
Anyone is welcome to post about a group run, and you are encouraged to do so. We have groups of all paces and abilities going out at all different times and places, which is part of what makes this group so great. So regardless of how fast or slow you think you run, post when and where you’re going, and someone is almost certain to join you!  And also – don’t be intimidated to join in on a run when you see it posted. This is one of the friendliest, most welcoming group of athletes I’ve ever met.
Lastly, this website – has information about the regular weekly runs, the Youth Track Series, our two club races – the Super 5K and the Gansett Half – as well as a link to pay membership dues and a contact page that lists the club officers and board members, should you need to get in touch with any of us.  
If anyone has any questions about any of the above (or below), feel free to email me at
– Michelle 
NRA 101: Email Basics

We use a “yahoogroup” e-mail listserv, which is free of charge. Here are the basics of our list:

When a message is sent to the group, it first goes to a “yahoo” server which then distributes it to everyone on the list, adding “[Gansett Running]” to the beginning of the subject line.

To e-mail the group, simply compose a message to 
When you “reply” to a group message, your reply goes to the sender only.

When you “reply all” to a group message, your reply goes to the sender and the whole group. 

There are 250 people on the list. About 1/2 of those are NRA members, others are NRA-friendlies, and still others have joined the list but have never run with us.

The list is open to anyone interested in our club runs and activities.

The list is primarily used to announce our weekly group runs and for forming impromptu group runs.

The list is also used to announce social activities, form carpools to races, and disseminate running-related information which may be useful or interesting to those on the list.

In the body of every group message is a link to change your settings, including an option to unsubscribe from the list.

The number of group messages per month ranges from about 80 to 180, which is about 3 to 6 messages per day. In general, the list should be used for running- or NRA-related activities and announcements only. Random chatter, while fun and amusing to the few people ‘in the loop,’ is likely a nuisance to everybody else and serves to diminish the average perceived value of the  group messages.

That said, we encourage everyone on the list to use it in a way consistent with its purpose. For those who think the volume of e-mail messages is a  nuisance, there is a “daily digest” option in which you will receive all group messages in a single message once per day. I’d be happy to help you make this change if you can’t figure it out yourself.

September Race Report

September is a wrap and October is knocking on our doorstep, and as we usher in a new month, let’s take a moment to reflect upon the awesome achievements of our running group and one person in particular!!!!
This particular issue of the race report is being dedicated a runner whose stellar performances at the Blessing and the Bobby Doyle were overlooked by this writer (her good friend). Only because she is such a lovely person that she has not repeatedly reminded me of this (the way I would, say, several times a day). OK!! I’ll tell you – this talented runner is none other than Bridgette McPhillips, who once again set herself apart from the crowd the other weekend in Connecticut at the Hogback Half Marathon with a smoking’ time of 1:38:53!!  Here’s what she’s been up to:
7/29/16 The Blessing of the Fleet 10 Miler:  1st in her AG  1:16:50
8/14/16 The Bobby Doyle 5 Miler:  7th in her AG  38:12:00
9/24/16 The Hogsback Half: 2nd in her AG  1:38:53
Nice work, Bridgette!!! You make us proud! OK, now for the September Race Results:
MI-  Marquette Marathon
107Al Garceau4:06:129.24/M
MA – Sep 4: Mount Greylock 8 mile road race
        146   Patrice French                      1:48:42     
        147   Gene French                         1:50:41     

RI – Sep 10: NK5K – North Kingstown
     1   Kevin O’Neil  17:30    5:38/M   *1 MALE 5K

RI – Sep 10: 41st Run Around the Block 15K
        8      Peter Barbera              1 50-59   1:05:47.0   7:04/M      
        16    Tripp Burman               5 40-49   1:11:09.0   7:39/M      
        20    Elizabeth Marchetti        1 30-39   1:12:46.0   7:49/M      
        49    Ken Abrams                 3 60-69   1:19:24.0   8:32/M      
        57    Lisa Garzilli              3 40-49   1:20:32.0   8:39/M      
        109  Rich Falvo                 19 40-49  1:28:53.0   9:33/M      
        137  Joe Behl                   1 70-99   1:32:38.0   9:58/M
NY – Sep 17: St. Agnes Race to Educate 5k
3Steve Wright3rd overall21:35 

MA – Sep 18: 34th Annual Main Street Mile
        4     Joshua Curtis              1/31   M4099 5:06.8      

CT – Sep 24: Hogback Half Marathon
29 Bridgette McPhillips  7:33  1:38:53.5

44    Mary D’Arcy                         7:48       2nd AG 1:42:03.6

        48     Michelle SanAntonio               7:51       3rd AG  1:42:44.6   
        101    Lisa Garzilli                        8:31         1:51:30.0   
        116    Tammy McNeiece                   8:45         1:54:34.1   
        118    Amy Grzybowski                    8:48         1:55:07.3   
        128    Wendy Costanza                    8:58         1:57:26.2   
        174    Deborah Lysik                        9:30         2:04:18.3   

RI – Sep 24: Jamestown 5k & Half Marathon – 5K
        13    Richard Falvo              4 40-49   25:26.0     8:13/M      
        25    Jen McCaffrey              4 40-49   27:33.0     8:56/M      

RI – Sep 24: Jamestown 5k & Half Marathon – Half Marathon Overall
        10    Abbey Kaknes            F   1 Top Fin 1:26:32.0    6:36/M
        14    Diane Senecal              1  40-49    1:27:38.0    6:42/M      
        32    David Tetreault            2  50-59    1:35:50.0    7:19/M      
        43    John Lariviere             9  40-49    1:38:26.0    7:31/M      
        125   Amy Cottrell               10  40-49   1:55:39.0     8:51/M      

RI – Sep 25: 26th Annual Mist to Mews Canoe & Kayak Race
        7     Amy Rice                   1/24      1:10:46     10:07       
        82    Jim Cotter                 19/65     1:40:53     14:25       
        153   Warren Angell              38/65     2:12:24     18:55       

VT – Sep 25: Vermont 50 – Overall 50 Mile Run Results
        31    Claire Gadrow              2/25   F4049 40:42    8:51:43 10:39 (6th woman, 2nd Masters Female!!)

These race results are generated by comparing a list of names of dues-paying members of the NRA and of NRA friendlies to results posted on and We also collect results that runners email to us by replying to this email address. Additionally, we obtain some results from the running grapevine.

Club Race Series Standings and August Race Report

Current standings in the Club Race Series are below, updated to include races through August. September race is the Block Island 15K on Saturday, September 10, and the October race is runner’s choice.




I have been negligent in posting the monthly race report here, but Mary D’Arcy has not been negligent in sending it out via the email list, so hopefully you’re all receiving it. If for some reason you’re not, please contact me at, and I’ll be sure to add you to the list.

Great racing by everyone in the club this summer, and I love reading this report every month and seeing what you’ve all been up to.  I’ve had a string of injury issues so haven’t done a lot of racing the past few months, but hope to get my name back in the report starting this month!

Here’s hoping for a beautiful September, with cool nights and warm days, and the beginning of more comfortable, drier air that makes for perfect running weather.

Hope to see you out on the roads, or at a race, or at the Sept. 18 Gansett Half Marathon training run.  – MSA



At long last here are results from August. If you think these results are impressive just wait – temperatures are about to drop, and lower temps=faster times! A great way to test this theory out is by running the upcoming Gansett Half Marathon on October 23rd, but if you can’t wait that long to race, consider the next race in our Club Series, the Run Around the Block on 9/10 The Block + our favorite sport – what’s not to love!!
Thanks to all who turned out for the Gansett Half Course Preview Run last weekend (see picture below). Mark your calendars for the remaining two Course Preview Runs: 9/18 and 10/16 and stay tuned for details. And finally, this Tuesday (like, tomorrow) come celebrate a great summer of running at the annual Running Club Summer Party at the Wickford Yacht Club at 6:30pm. Thanks, Mike Tammaro, for organizing!!
Enjoy the results and see you out on the roads!

CT – Aug 6: 54th John & Jessie Kelley Memorial Ocean Beack 11.6-Mi
       41    Jeffrey Vuono             5/75   50-59 1:20:17.0 6:55/M
       60    Chris Shardlow            8/49   30-39 1:24:06.0 7:15/M
       339   Andrew Baer               24/34   60-69 2:01:03.0 10:26/M

RI – Aug 6: Run 4 Kerri 4 Mile Road Race
       27    John Lariviere            2/28   M4049 24:35.16 6:09
       31    Jeffrey Vuono             2/44   M5059 25:18.43 6:20
       47    Marissa McPhillips        1/29   F1319 26:52.29 6:44
       50    Chris Shardlow            8/37   M3039 27:23.59 6:51
       55    David Tetreault           5/44   M5059 28:00.34 7:01
       60    Claire Gadrow             2/43   F4049 28:41.67 7:11
       63    Steve Wright              6/44   M5059 28:57.01 7:15
       73    George Ross               7/44   M5059 29:33.86 7:24
       84    Amy Rice                  1/43   F5059 30:42.14 7:41
       92    Nicole L’Etoile           6/63   F3039 31:24.68 7:52
       107   Steven Ahern              14/44   M5059 32:27.69 8:07
       114   Ray Isacco                1/22   M6069 32:41.78 8:11
       153   Joe Behl                  104/232   35:26.50 8:52
       155   Tim Kobylenski            21/44   M5059 35:48.24 8:58
       275   Tara Phelps               28/63   F3039 42:22.79 10:36

RI – Aug 14: 9th Annual Bobby Doyle 5 Mile USATF-NE Grand Prix
       129   James Sullivan            97  1-39  30:44.0 30:52.0
       149   Zachary Kudlak            109  1-39 31:23.0 31:29.0
       185   Jeffrey Vuono             16 50-59  32:26.0 32:33.0
       227   Marissa McPhillips        35  1-39  33:22.0 33:32.0
       299   Fred Bartlett             6 60-69   36:06.0 36:18.0
       419   Lisa Garzilli             22 40-49  40:36.0 40:45.0

NY – Aug 14: Catskill Mountain 100K Relay
       4/Open Perseid Swift (Ken Brindamour, Eileen Grussenmeyer, John Brindamour, Mike Tammaro, Tim Brindamour) 8:57:35

RI – Aug 21: Common Fence Point 5 Miler
       6     Barbera, Peter            1/13      33:36

MA – Aug 21: Falmouth Road Race
9105 Nicole Zelenak 1:25:36

CT – Aug 23: Battle of Stonington 5K (CT11022JHP)
       10    Michael Tammaro           1 40-49   19:15.0 6:12/M
       13    Jeffrey Vuono             3 50-59   19:31.0 6:17/M
       17    Tripp Burman              3 40-49   19:55.0 6:25/M
       20    Peter Barbera             4 50-59   20:12.0 6:31/M
       35    Paul Letoile              8 50-59   21:13.0 6:50/M
       38    Flynn  Sullivan           8  1-19   21:20.0 6:53/M
       44    David Tetreault           11 50-59  21:42.0 7:00/M
       56    Dan Hartnett              3 60-69   22:13.0 7:10/M
       68    David Heskett             5 60-69   22:59.0 7:25/M
       70    Ken Abrams                6 60-69   23:01.0 7:25/M
       75    Lisa Garzilli             3 40-49   23:44.0 7:39/M
       93    Stephen Schooling         21 50-59  25:08.0 8:06/M

 RI – Aug 26: Roger H Schonning 4.8K (RI07008RN)
       4     Jeffrey Vuono             2 50-59   18:31.0
       6     Peter Barbera             3 50-59   19:33.0
       8     Paul Letoile              4 50-59   19:55.0
       25    Rick Cota                 2 40-49   22:32.0
       26    Pat Ferrigno              2 60-69   22:49.0
       31    David Heskett             4 60-69   23:25.0
       36    Stephen Schonung         9 50-59   23:53.0
These race results are generated by comparing a list of names of dues-paying members of the NRA and of NRA friendlies to results posted on and We also collect results that runners email to us by replying to this email address. Additionally, we obtain some results from the running grapevine.

Donate Your Old Running Shoes at Camire’s

Wanted to let you all know that we now have a great option for recycling old running shoes. Keith has a donation box at Camire’s to collect your gently used running shoes, and they will be sent to the MORE Foundation. From their website – 
“The shoes are sold in major metro areas to vendors who in turn create jobs and help improve the quality of life in cities. The proceeds from the sale of the shoes provides training and tools to the poorest rural farmers……. With the MORE System, used athletic shoes convert to tree seeds, training and tools creating jobs for our youth and lessons in environmental health.”
Donate anytime at Camire’s!
You can find out more about the foundation at –