New Email List – Sign Up Now!

A reminder about our switch to Google Groups for club email communications. 

** Please note that if you want to remain on the club email list, you must follow the instructions below to join the new Google Groups – members from this existing Yahoo Groups list will not be automatically migrated over, and the old Yahoo groups list will be deactivated in a few months **

As discussed at the last club meeting, we are transitioning from Yahoo Groups to Google Groups for our email communications, in the hopes that Google will provide a more reliable, less glitchy platform than Yahoo has provided over the past few years. The new Google Groups list works basically the same as Yahoo Groups did – once you’re a member, you can post to the group simply by sending an email to the Group’s email address (

We will keep both groups active for a few months, to allow everyone sufficient time to make the transition, and we’ll post periodic reminders as well as give ample notice of the date on which the Yahoo Groups list will become inactive. 

To join the Narragansett Running Club Google Groups email list

Follow the link:

Click “Sign in to view this group” 

-If you have a Google Account that you are signed into, simply select your Google Account.

-If you do not have a Google Account, click “Use another account”

If you were not signed into your Google Account, Sign in here. If you do not have a Google Account and you clicked “Use another account,” this is where you will click “Create account.”

To create your Google Account – fill in name and address, and then you can choose whether to create a google email (gmail), or associate your google account with your current email address (yahoo, Verizon, cox, etc.). The best option is to use whatever email address you check most frequently. If you do not want to create a google email, and would rather use your existing email account, click “Use my current email address instead.”

Once you’ve created your account, follow the verification procedures, and then you can return to the Google group page –  and click “Apply for membership.”

Be sure to specify how frequently you want to get email notifications. It’s helpful to add a display name to your profile, so that when you post a message to the group, others can see your name and not just your email address.

Once you click “Apply to join this group,” a group admin will get a notification of your application to join, and will approve as soon as possible.

Email if you have any questions about or problems with this process.

The Yahoo groups listserv will remain active through late spring, when we will shut it down. While both lists are active, if you’d like to post a message to the group, please send your email to both AND