Staying In Touch

Consider this a refresher if you’re already familiar with the various ways members of the group communicate with one another. 
If you’re new to the group, this is a rundown of how we stay in touch:  
The primary way we communicate is via the yahoo groups listserv – details on how that works are listed below. That is definitely the first place to check if you’re looking for information on group runs or other club events. 
We also have a Facebook page – – which is another great place to post pictures and other club news. It’s a public group, but you do have to request to join in order to post and comment (just click the link to Join and I’ll approve your request). We love to see group photos from training runs and/or races, and hear about what club members are up to, so please feel free to post there if you have something running- or club-related to share. You’re welcome to post group runs on there, too, but since the email list is typically the vehicle for organizing group runs, be sure to use that as well, since not all members are on Facebook. 
Anyone is welcome to post about a group run, and you are encouraged to do so. We have groups of all paces and abilities going out at all different times and places, which is part of what makes this group so great. So regardless of how fast or slow you think you run, post when and where you’re going, and someone is almost certain to join you!  And also – don’t be intimidated to join in on a run when you see it posted. This is one of the friendliest, most welcoming group of athletes I’ve ever met.
Lastly, this website – has information about the regular weekly runs, the Youth Track Series, our two club races – the Super 5K and the Gansett Half – as well as a link to pay membership dues and a contact page that lists the club officers and board members, should you need to get in touch with any of us.  
If anyone has any questions about any of the above (or below), feel free to email me at
– Michelle 
NRA 101: Email Basics

We use a “yahoogroup” e-mail listserv, which is free of charge. Here are the basics of our list:

When a message is sent to the group, it first goes to a “yahoo” server which then distributes it to everyone on the list, adding “[Gansett Running]” to the beginning of the subject line.

To e-mail the group, simply compose a message to 
When you “reply” to a group message, your reply goes to the sender only.

When you “reply all” to a group message, your reply goes to the sender and the whole group. 

There are 250 people on the list. About 1/2 of those are NRA members, others are NRA-friendlies, and still others have joined the list but have never run with us.

The list is open to anyone interested in our club runs and activities.

The list is primarily used to announce our weekly group runs and for forming impromptu group runs.

The list is also used to announce social activities, form carpools to races, and disseminate running-related information which may be useful or interesting to those on the list.

In the body of every group message is a link to change your settings, including an option to unsubscribe from the list.

The number of group messages per month ranges from about 80 to 180, which is about 3 to 6 messages per day. In general, the list should be used for running- or NRA-related activities and announcements only. Random chatter, while fun and amusing to the few people ‘in the loop,’ is likely a nuisance to everybody else and serves to diminish the average perceived value of the  group messages.

That said, we encourage everyone on the list to use it in a way consistent with its purpose. For those who think the volume of e-mail messages is a  nuisance, there is a “daily digest” option in which you will receive all group messages in a single message once per day. I’d be happy to help you make this change if you can’t figure it out yourself.