No Excuses

This brutal winter hasn’t stopped NRA members from getting out and running, and every weekend there are at least two or three different group runs planned.

Some of the group is training for Boston, some for the Vermont City Marathon in May, and others are just getting out there because it’s what they love to do.

Thanks to Murray Norcross for this photo (and accompanying caption) of one of the Newport contingent’s recent winter outings.

Many happy miles to you all, and here’s hoping that we can post some snow-free pictures soon!


“Some of the Newport Gang ran from the Ferry Landing out to the Beaver Tail Light this morning, Saturday, 28 February 2015. Air Temp at 0730 was 14F. Windchill was 5F. Terri Martland is running toward the Beaver Tail Light House on Jamestown. In the distance, large ice floes can be seen being moved by the current. Why we run? So we see beautiful scenes like this and friendships.”