April Race Report

Congratulations to NRA member Elise Hedglen , who ran the Big Sur marathon on Apr 27th. Elise had some successful training races along the way. On April 5th she ran the Big River Half Marathon, the last in the trail series, where she came in first and was age group champion for the series. Great job Elise!

Mike and Amy Grzybowski  finished the Gettysburg Marathon together in 3:58:18. Great job Mike and Amy!

Congratulations to Andrea Brayman on her performance at the Jamestown Bridge 10K. Andrea placed 1st in her age group running 45:08:16 (7:16 min per mile) Way to go Andrea!

The Narragansett Running Association Ladies Team placed 1st at the 11th Annual Nutrition Fuels Fitness 5K. The team was represented by Melissa Nathaniel, Rebecca Allen, and Tracy Smith. Congratulations Ladies! Racing kudos to Peter Barbera for placing 1st in his age group.

After training in frigid conditions all winter, the seasonable spring weather was a  challenge to the runners of this years Boston Marathon. Some notable performances were by Gordon Fletcher,  Jeff Vuono, Dave Tetreault, Vinny Hey, and Bridgette McPhilips.  See results below. Thank you to Dave T, Peter Barbera, and others who dealt with the increase security of this years race and were able to get runners to and from the race with minimal inconvenience.

Just a week later, the NRA  had a strong showing for the Rhode Island State Police 5K – take a look at the results below. How many folks ran the Boston Marathon and the RISP 5K?

Most Races: Fred Zuleger ran 7 races for the month of April! (That we know of).

Keep it up everyone. See you on the roads soon! If i missed anyone please let me know. Thank you.

Summary of Race Results including NRA Friendlies
RI – Apr 5: Crazy Coyote Chase 5K
Fred Zuleger III     34:01   10:59/M

RI – Apr 5: Big River Half Marathon & 10k Trail Races
 John Gadrow         2:12:53   10:09/M
 Elise Hedglen        2:14:26   10:16/M
 John Peabody         2:14:53   10:18/M
 Michael Scott        2:37:17   12:00/M

MA – Apr 5: 34th Annual Boston Tune-Up 15K
 Rick Cota Wakefield    1:10:05 0:07:31

RI – Apr 6: Jamestown Bridge 5K & 10K
 Andrea Brayman       45:08.16        7:16/M            
 Fred Zuleger III        1:18:32.52     12:39/M         

MA – Apr 6: 20th Annual Officer Thomas J. Giunta Memorial 5k Road Race
  Fred Zuleger III        38:03.0     12:16

RI – Apr 12: Rocky Hill River Run 5K
  Keven O’Neil            16:59.29  5:29/M
Mary D’Arcy              22:19:69  7:12/M

RI – Apr 12: 3rd Annual Bunny Hop 5k & 1k Fun Run
  Fred Zuleger          32:25.3     10:25/M

RI – Apr 13: WTAC Clamdigger 5K & 5-Mi
  Jeffrey Vuono                  31:50.0      6:22/M
  Rick Cota                        36:07.0      7:13/M
  Elizabeth Marchetti         36:20.0      7:16/M
  Joe Behl                          41:27.0      8:17/M

RI – Apr 13: 11th Annual Nutrition Fuels Fitness 5k
  Peter Barbera          
  19:26                 6:16 /M                  
  Rebecca Allen          
22:26                7:14  /M                   
  Tracy Smith             
23:38                7:37 / M                                              
  Melissa Nathaniel    
23:59                7:44 / M             
  Fred Zuleger  
           32:29                10:29 /M                            

RI – Apr 19: Rotary Run for Reading
   Fred Zuleger            
   32:57 10:38/M            

RI- April 21: Boston Marathon  
Gordon Fletcher                      3:01:13        6:55/M
Jeff Vuono                               3:03:21         7:00/M
Dave Tetreault
                      3:17:30    7:32/M
Vinny Hey                        3:19:16     7:37/M
John Gadrow                   3:24:04     7:47/M
Bridgett McPhillips         3:24:24     7:48/M
Andrea Brayman            3:32:13      8:06/M
Ron J. Longolucco,        3:33:51      8:10/M
Peter Barbera                 3:34:48      8:12/M
Christopher Spaight       3:38:08     8:20/M
Claire Gadrow                3:42:15     8:29/M
Laurie Feit-Melnick       3:42:47     8:30/M
Mary D’Arcy                  3:45:11     8:36/M
Michelle San Antonio    3:53:36     8:55/M
Tammy Mcneiece,         3:57: 53    9:05/M
Brian Mcneiece,             3:57:53     9:05/M
Peter Rumsy                   3 :59:27     9:08/M
Pat Ferrigno                  
4:05:26      9:22/M
Lisa Garzilli                  
4:09:23       9:31/M
Deb Lysik
                  5:12:42      9:39/M    
Wendy Constanza          4:30:53      10:20/M
 Frank A Pazienza
        4:57:20      11:21/M
Amanda DeMagistris    5:17:47       12:08 /M

RI – Apr 27: Rhode Island State Police “5K Foot Pursuit”
  Keven O’Neil             16:55.9    5:27/M
  Peter Barbera            19:36.4    6:19/M
  Chris Shardlow         19:59.3    6:27/M
  Rick Cota                  21:05.3    6:48/M
  David Tetreault         21:13.8    6:50/M
  Ken Abrams              21:20.3    6:53/M
  Mary Camire              21:32.3   6:56/M
  Claire Gadrow            21:32.8   6:57/M
  Amy Rice                   22:05.8   7:07/M
  Stephen Schonning    23:05.9   7:27/M
  Rich Falvo                  23:39.9   7:37/M
  Laurie Feit-Melnick    23:41.6   7:38/M
  Diane Senecal            23:41.6   7:38/M
  Adam Melnick           23:41.8    7:38/M
  Melissa Nathaniel      23:55.0    7:42/M
  Diane Adams             24:42.0    7:57/M
   Jim Cotter                25:55.4     8:21/M
   Fred Zuleger III        31:14.4    10:04/M