March Race Report

Party bus on the way to the New Bedford Half Marathon. Diane Sencal, Chris Spaight, Dave Tetreault, Nicole Rattay, Mary Camire, Vinny Hey, and Laurie Feit-Melnick.

Driving to the New Bedford Half Marathon. Diane Senecal, Chris Spaight,  Nicole Rattay, Mary Camire, Vinny Hey, and Laurie Feit-Melnick.

We had some very impressive performances the past few weeks leading up to Spring Marathons. With the winter coming to an end and the chilling weather behind us, a few NRA runners are in the final stretch to Boston, Cox Providence, Big Sur, and Gettysburg Marathon.

Brody Williams (age 11) ran a PR of at the Beat the Chill 5K. Make sure you congratulate this superstar the next time you see him! Congratulations to Diane Leith-Doucett for placing 3rd in her age group at Oceans Run Half Marathon. Way to go Diane! Diane ran a 1:35:20 which is a 7:17 pace. A BIG congratulations to Stephanie Canter who ran her first half marathon at the Oceans Run. Breaking two hours with a time of 1:51:37. Keep up the good work Stephanie! Despite the pouring rain, the NRA had a good showing at the Quonset 10 Miler. Paul Letoile placed 2nd overall, with a time of 1:08:48. Laurie Feit-Melnick took first place for the women and 3rd overall running a time of 1:12:18. Congratulations to Laurie and Paul, your hard work paid off!

The New Bedford Marathon went off without a hitch. A little windy at times but overall a nice day for running. Vinny Hey and Mary Camire placed first in their age group, while Diane Senecal took 2nd for the masters division. This race draws in some of the best runners in New England. Great work team!! The NRA welcomes back runner Glenn Anderson from his hiatus. Glenn ran the Pound the Pavement 5K on March 29th. Great to have you back Glenn!

Summary of Race Results including NRA Friendlies

Mar 1: Beat the Chill 5K
Rick Cota 23:30. 7:35/M
Lisa Garzilli 27:17 8:48/M
Brody Williams 27:16 8:48 /M
Fred Zuleger 33:19. 10:45/M
Luke Williams 45:25 14:39/M
Rob George 45:31. 14:41/M

Mar 9: Oceans Run Half Marathon & 5K
Diane Leith-Doucett 1:35:20 7:17
Peter Rumsey 1:38:47 7:33
Austin Becker 1:40:07 7:39
Rebecca Allen 1:41:12 7:44
Pat Ferrigno 1:42:11 7:48
George Ross 1:48:55 8:19
Michelle San Antonio 1:42:58 7:52
Melissa Nathaniel 1:49:36 8:22
Stephanie Canter 1:51:37 8:32
Diane Adams 1:54:36 8:45
David Heskett 1:54:36 8:45
Lisa Garzilli       1:54:57 8:47
Mary D’Arcy       1:54:57 8:47
Amy Grzybowski       1:55:22  8:49
Michael Grzybowski    1:55:22  8:49
Deborah Lysik         2:00:40 9:13

Mar 16: 37th Annual New Bedford Half Marathon
DIANE SENECAL 1:25:07 6:30
VINCENT HEY 1:27:35 6:41
AUSTIN BECKER 1:29:33 6:50
CHRIS SPAIGHT 1:30:05 6:53
NICOLE RATTAY 1:30:22 6:54
JOHN GADROW 1:33:50 7:10
MARY CAMIRE 1:38:04 7:29

Mar 22: Brrr-lingame 5 & 10 Mile Trail Races
John Gadrow 44:15 8:51
John Peabody 44:00 8:48
Elise Hedglen 53:57 10:47

Mar 29: Pound the Pavement 5k
Glenn Anderson 24:10.0 7:48/M
Adam Melnick 25:24.0 8:12/M
Laurie Melnick 25:28.0 8:13/M

Mar 29: Run The Reservoir 15K & 5K
JIM COTTER 1:34:12 10:08
FRED ZULEGER III 1:54:25 12:19

Mar 30: Quonset Point 10 Miler and 5k
Paul Letoile 1:08:48 6:53
Laurie Feit-Melnick 1:12:18 7:14
Gordon Fletcher 1:12:19 7:14
Mary Camire 1:14:35 7:28
Rebecca Allen 1:16:42 7:41
Michelle San Antonio 1:20:03 8:01
Lisa Garzilli 1:24:07 8:25
Tammy McNeiece 1:25:56 8:36
David Heskett 1:30:37 9:04
Vincent Hey 1:30:38 9:04
Deborah Lysik 1:38:47 9:53
Fred Zuleger III 2:05:37 12:34