Pie Run Donation to NRA

The photo here shows a Ferrigno at a Pie Run–the Newport Pie Run 5-miler (photo by Murray). The Pie Run is organized by the Newport Running Club (NRC), many of whose members claim dual allegiance to the NRC and the NRA. The NRC has always been a big supporter of our Youth Track Series (YTS) and this year they donated $2500 of the Pie-Run proceeds to the YTS. The NRA offers its deep thanks to the NRC for their continuing commitment to the YTS.


As a side-note, the Pie Run is one of the top six races in Rhode Island. Can you name the other five? In no particular order, all six are as follows:

(1) The Nooseneck 18K
(2) The Newport Pie Run
(3) The Block Island 15K
(4) The Westerly Clamdigger
(5) The Super 5K
(6) The Roger Schonning 5K