Grand Pr*cks Series #8

There are now two NRA members who have completed and placed very highly in a Hockomock Swamp Rat’s once-every-three-years “Grand Pr*cks Series” (GPS). The GPS is a year-long series of classic, challenging New England Races that takes a participant to all corners of New England (and sometimes beyond). There are 20+ races in all, from 5K to marathon. Come out this Thursday (8/22/13) to meet Rick (and his very understanding wife) and hear about this great accomplishment.

Rick GPS

Winter Party: 2013

These are from the 2013 NRA winter party, which occurred at the Bike Stop Cafe in Narragansett. Murray, Ann, and the Newport crew really spiced things up by organizing and executing a great raffle.


Plenty of people showed up and the food and drink (BYOB) was great.



For 26 years, he stood the watch.

Congratulations to Murray Norcross [Captain, USN], and his wife Ann, on his upcoming retirement from the U.S. Navy. It won’t be official until October, but many of our members attended the retirement ceremony, which took place on Friday 8/2 at the Naval War College in Newport, RI. Murray “stood the watch,” through war and peace, for 26 years as a Naval physician. The ceremony was beautiful and moving, and those of us who attended learned that Murray is more remarkable and honorable than any of us knew. “Captian, the watch stands relieved. Relieved by those you have led, guided, and trained. Captain, you stand relieved, we have the watch!” (Photo by George Ross)