Storage Unit Move

We have a lot of stuff: Flags, vests, tents, cones, mile marks, tables, chairs, signs, water jugs, water bottles, shirts, awards, frisbees, a banner, buckets of rocks, and so on. We keep our stuff in a 10’x20′ storage unit, and yesterday we moved our stuff from such a unit in Wakefield to one in Narragansett. Thanks to Fred for taking the lead on securing a new storage unit and terminating our contract on the old, thanks to Peter, Mike, and Dan for building storage shelves in the new unit, and thanks to Pat, Brian, Dan, Fred, and Mike for helping with the move. Pictures of the move are below.




Just a couple of guys in the desert.

The Rhode Island Desert is a complex of sand dunes located just off of Division road in West Greenwich. In running lore, The Desert was the training ground for more than a few legendary Providence College runners. It’s no surprise, then, that Brian regularly takes his teams to train in the desert. The Desert looks innocent enough from the roads, but after a few miles of up and down the steep dunes, you get it.

Not content with simply running in The Desert, Brian designed a 5K course, which was then professionally measured. Due to a slight change in the course, a new measurement was required, and the pictures below show elements of the measurement.

Brian taking sights at mile 3.

Brian taking sights at mile 3.

Mike rolling the wheel down a hill near mile 1.

Mike rolling the wheel down a hill near mile 1.

A counter is attached to the front wheel of the bike, which must be calibrated before (and sometimes after) a measurement. For this measurement, the bike was walked the whole way. Rolling the wheel up some of the steep dunes required both Mike and Brian to hold onto the bike. The likelihood of slipping was so great that it was important that a second hand was on the bike to keep it in place.

Vermont-City Marathon Recap

The men who learn endurance, are they who call the world, brother.

-Charles Dickens


Running in groups engenders camaraderie; more so when we train for the same race; still more so when that race is a marathon; and even more so when that race requires several nights away. Indeed, as we speckled Burlington—one, two, three, and four at a time—our anxiety was soothed by the knowledge that we would soon see our friends. Thus, Dave, Jess, Kyle, Rich, Diane, Kaela, Brian, and Mike competed together in the 2015 Vermont City Marathon. Great race, great course, great town, unforgettable experience. It’s a beautiful thing when you can fall short of your goal (as most of us did), yet reminisce over it with a sparkle in your eye. Let this not be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Block Island Long Run: Saturday, 5/11/15

“A good long run requires more time to plan than to execute.” –Anonymous

Long runs can be boring, but they don’t have to be. To combat boredom, the runner has two primary weapons in his arsenal: company and variety. It is a bitter irony, though, that the implementation of the latter diminishes the former. It is a simple mathematical fact, then, that THE MOST INTERESTING RUN EVER will have zero attendance.

Flying in the face mathematics, however, Brian organized THE MOST INTERESTING RUN EVER, and three people attended: Brian, Mike, and Mark. (Mark deserves special recognition for making THE MOST INTERESTING RUN EVER his first run with the club.) These three runners boarded the 11-a.m. ferry in Pt. Judith, bound for Block Island, and enjoyed a not-so-bumpy ride to the island. What follows is a short picture-narrative of the run.

Click HERE to see the route.

One logistical concern dealt with the question of where to stash bags. (Mark boldly embarked on this 8-hour adventure in running singlet, shorts, and shoes, with no luggage.) The Visitor’s Center was open, but was to close at 3:00 p.m., so the runners made use of the nice rack behind the building.

Outdoor rack

Outdoor rack

The run began in Old Harbor and ran toward the north end of the island.


Early in the run: Mark running north

At about three miles into the run, the route turned right onto the Clay Head Nature Trail. It was a beautiful day and the views from the high bluffs were spectacular. (Mike and Brian were, at this point, ahead of Mark. The two groups didn’t meet again until after the run.)

The trailhead

The trailhead

View from the Clay Head Trail

View from the Clay Head Trail

Running along the Clay Head Trail

Running along the Clay Head Trail

Exiting the trails, the runners turned again north and followed the road to its end, at which there is a good view of the North Light in the distance.

The North Light

The North Light

Mile 6 through 11 took the runners back south and through the middle of the island, past the airport, taking a right onto Cherry Hill Rd. at Rodman’s Hollow. The left onto Lewis Farm Rd. began a fascinating and breathtaking three-mile journey through Ireland-like fields and stone walls, then onto and along the rugged south beach that is towered over by high bluffs.


Ireland I

Ireland II

Ireland II

Running along the south beach

Running along the south beach

The beach run was about two miles of slow going to the Mohegan Bluffs at Southeast Light. To get off the beach and back onto the roads, the runners scrambled up to the steep stairs, and (in a quad-burning burst of adrenaline) ran every step to the top.

The bottom end of the stairs

The bottom end of the stairs

Once on the roads, the quads eventually recovered enough for Brian to push the pace for the last three miles (all of which were close to six-minute miles). The Visitor’s Center and bag rack were a welcome sight after the 18-mile run, and the runners enjoyed hearty refreshment at the Mohegan Cafe.

Mohegan Cafe

Mohegan Cafe (with one of the three runners menu-browsing )

With 30 minutes to kill and $8 of change, the runners found an open candy store. The sign in front advertised free fudge, but it was not free, so an $8 bag of random chocolates (including a piece of chocolate-covered bacon) served as dessert.

The warm ferry ride home was smooth and uneventful, and thus ended THE MOST INTERESTING RUN EVER.

February Race Report

Happy Spring! The weather cooperated for our Super 5K, but no such luck for the annual MV 20 Miler, which was canceled due to snow. Looks like we are turning a corner. Time to get out and enjoy the roads!

Happy running,


RI – Feb 1: Super 5k

       11    Brian McNeiece            2 40-49   17:52 5:46

       15    Kaela O’Neil              1 30-39   18:08 5:51

       21    Jessica Kutcher           2 30-39   18:45 6:03

       23    Aaron Rome                4 40-49   19:07 6:10

       24    Diane Senecal             1 40-49   19:23 6:15

       26    AJ Fournier               2 19-29   19:25 6:16

       28    Ben Folsom                13 30-39  19:26 6:16

       41    David Tetreault           8 50-59   20:52 6:44

       43    Pete Rumsey               7 40-49   20:56 6:45

       45    Ken Abrams                9 50-59   21:03 6:47

       46    Claire Gadrow             2 40-49   21:09 6:49

       47    Laurie Feit-Melnick       3 40-49   21:14 6:51

       49    Peter Barbera             10 50-59  21:22 6:54

       52    Joyce Lin                 3 30-39   21:48 7:02

       57    Elizabeth Marchetti       4 30-39   21:58 7:05

       58    Mary Camire               1 60-69   22:02 7:06

       67    Amy Rice                  1 50-59   22:36 7:17

       70    Steve Wright              16 50-59  22:42 7:19

       71    Rebecca Allen             4 40-49   22:43 7:20

       76    Flynn Sullivan            6 14-18   23:01 7:25

       77    Jim Sullivan              18 50-59  23:03 7:26

       79    Pat Ferrigno              2 60-69   23:25 7:33

       81    John Peabody              3 60-69   23:33 7:36

       84    Nicole Rattay             5 30-39   23:37 7:37

       102   Rich Falvo                17 40-49  24:22 7:52

       114   Stephen Schonning         25 50-59  25:39 8:16

       115   Joe Behl                  3 70-98   25:40 8:17

       135   Jennifer McCaffrey        16 40-49  27:40 8:55

RI – Feb 7: Belleville Pond 10k Trail Race (updated 2/8/2015)

       14    Aaron Rome                          52:09:00 8:25

       20    Jess Kutcher                         54:56:00 8:52

       28    AJ Fournier                            57:37:00 9:18

       37    Pete Rumsey                         1:03:33 10:15

       46    John Peabody                       1:06:56 10:48

       65    George Ross                         1:16:43 12:22

No Excuses

This brutal winter hasn’t stopped NRA members from getting out and running, and every weekend there are at least two or three different group runs planned.

Some of the group is training for Boston, some for the Vermont City Marathon in May, and others are just getting out there because it’s what they love to do.

Thanks to Murray Norcross for this photo (and accompanying caption) of one of the Newport contingent’s recent winter outings.

Many happy miles to you all, and here’s hoping that we can post some snow-free pictures soon!


“Some of the Newport Gang ran from the Ferry Landing out to the Beaver Tail Light this morning, Saturday, 28 February 2015. Air Temp at 0730 was 14F. Windchill was 5F. Terri Martland is running toward the Beaver Tail Light House on Jamestown. In the distance, large ice floes can be seen being moved by the current. Why we run? So we see beautiful scenes like this and friendships.”

January Race Report

Congratulations to all the runners who raced in January!

RI – Jan 1: Hangover Classic 5 Miler
39 Ken Abrams 7/45 36:18 7:16
68 Michael Scott 17/45 39:26 7:54
120 Jim Cotter 9/19 43:42 8:45
160 Linda Hurteau 7/22 47:11 9:27

RI – Jan 11: Resolution 5k Beach & Trail Race (updated 1/12/2015)
22 Jess Kutcher 20:24 6:35
24 Aaron Rome 20:33 6:38
28 Diane Senecal 20:44 6:41
45 David Tetreault 21:44 7:01
50 Shira Fuller 21:55 7:04
66 George Ross 23:27 7:34
73 John Peabody 24:16:00 7:50
95 Stephen Schonning 25:58:00 8:23
110 Jim Cotter 26:53:00 8:40
163 Elise Hedglen 37:14:00 12:01

RI – Jan 17: 4th Annual East Coast Championship – Saturday Running
6 McNeiece, Brian 5:04.05
1 O’Neil, Kaela 5:15.21

NH – Jan 25: 20th Annual Boston Prep 16 Miler
13 Michael Tammaro 1:40:59 6:19
29 Warren Angell 1:48:33 6:48
31 Diane Senecal 1:48:56 6:49
71 Claire Gadrow 1:59:47 7:30
80 David Tetreault 2:00:48 7:33
241 Kim Raymond 2:28:06 9:16

Claire, Diane, Mike, and Dave at Boston Prep 16 Miler in Derry, NH.

Claire, Diane, Mike, and Dave at Boston Prep 16 Miler in Derry, NH.

The Cooks: A Request

A request was made to post a picture of the winter party cooking crew to the website, so here we go. The first image shows the masterminds of the operation, John and Paul.

John and Paul

John and Paul

The next image shows Michelle and Diane.

Michelle and Diane

Michelle and Diane

Finally, the whole crew:

Steve, John, Mike, Michelle, Paul, Sarah, and Diane

Steve, John, Mike, Michelle, Paul, Sarah, and Diane

The dinner setup and meal required careful planning and preparation, and the execution on party day was hectic, nerve-wracking business. Thanks to Joyce for taking this last picture!